Pancake cake

Pancake cake
яйца куриные
3 шт.
250 ml
250 ml
1 spoon
сода пищевая
0,5 tsp.
0,1 tsp.
олія соняшникова
50 g.
duck fillet
300 g.
200 g.
лук репчатый
1 шт.
sour cream
5 spoon


Prepare thin pancakes. To do this, dissolve soda in kefir, wait for a while. Then mix kefir and milk. Mix eggs with sugar and salt, combine with milk mixture. Gradually pour flour. Add oil, stir all well. Dough should be smooth, not thick. Fry pancakes in a pan without oil on both sides. Pancakes should get thin and flexible. Finely chop the onions and mushrooms. Fry onion and mushrooms in oil, salt and pepper. Grind boiled meat through a meat grinder or blender, mix with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Spread prepared stuffing on pancake and roll it. Fir filling slightly mix eggs, add sour cream and stir. Put pancakes in form from 4 sides, to hang down the edges out of form. Next spread rolls from pancakes. Smear each layer with filling well. Coat the top of the pie with filling and put the cake in a preheated at 180℃ oven for 30 min.

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