1. Registration.

The registration on our site gives you many advantages which not accessible to simple visitor of site:

- leave comments to recipes;

- post your own entries, recipes, queries;

- make blogs;

- take part in votes, competitions;

- to corresponde with other users of site.

Any visitor can register on our site after simple procedure of registration from the site or with OpenID functional.

2. Entries

Any registered user have a possibility to post an entries on the site.

For this you need just click "Add recipe" at the left upper corner of the site.

After this you can choose the blog where do you want to post your entry, type of entry, subject of entry, to form text of entry and add tags for convenients searching of your entry.

There are several types of entries: entry, query, links.

On default all posted entries are reposted in personal blog.

To post your entry to the collective blog you need join it. For it you need click near the name of this blog. Full list of all collective blogs you can find here.

Each new entry displays in the section "new".To display your entry on the home page it needs to be appreciated by other users and have a rating min to +3. Entries with negative raitings will be automatically disposed of the home page. It made for filtration of sub-quality information.

3. Blogs

There are two types of blogs: collective and personal.

On default all posted entries of any User are reposted in the personal blog.

To post your entry to the collective blog you need join it. For it you need click near the name of this blog. Full list of all collective blogs you can find here.

Users with rating more than 2 can create their own collective blogs, using corresponding function when create a new entry.

4. Rating and Power of users

Every user have 2 qualitative characteristics: raiting and power.

Rating represents user's authority on the site and depends on number of qualitative posts and on created blogs. Quality of posts and blogs are appreciated by users, which raises and lowers the rating of post or blog.

Power represents measure of significance of user influence. The more high the Power, the more significant user rating.
Characteristics Rating and Power are directly proportional interconnected and its growth depends on many factors such as: number of qualitative posts, appreciation by other users, number of friends, user profile and so on.

Users with negative rating can't create new posts, comment posts of other users.

5. Standards of behaviour on the site

In order that all users on the site are feel comfortable you only suffice to follow the standarts of behavour:

Before post any information, make sure that there is no the similar information on this resource already. If there is the similar information already but still you think it's suitable to post it here - freely make it.

Information on the site can be posted on any laguage (important that it will be understandable for users).

The information structure which posted on the site can be in any form. At that it must be convenient and logical for users.

It is forbidden to post the advertising materials without agreement of administration.

You can post materials from other resources on the assumption of compulsory placing the link from origin source, instructions from author of origin and also, in case of need, agreement from author of origin material

It is forbidden to post any materials which violates rights or contains descriditable information about individual or legal entities, which contains information mismatching to reality or defames the business reputation.

It is forbidden to use abusive lexicon in the communications on the site. Be civilized and well mannered. Flood and trolling are also not welcome.

6. Administration of site.

Cookorama it is self-regulated social network.

Each user is a moderator of site.

Any troublemaker punished by users which can lower his rating and power, what restrict his possibilities on the site. The administration meddles in the very rough cases.

For any information conserning to activity of site - address to administrators: Scratch and stfalcon