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We welcome you at the pages of our culinary portal Cookorama.Net.
Every day our site replenished with new, traditional and original recipes of dishes and drinks for daily and festive meals, simple off-hand and complicated culinary masterpieces. Here is always populous and we are interested get to know you and to see your advertising.

Why advertising on the culinary resources has a highest progress to get in the target auditory? That is because here the influence of advertising do not limited by people from one field of activity.

Visitors of our site are people of different nationality and professions which are live in cities and villages, men and women, children and aged. Nomber of our friends exceeds hundreds of thousands people.

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The great value of advertising in the culinary portal is in the large-scale participation and variety of potential consumers of your goods or services. Advertising at the site which interesting not only for housewife but also for builder, football player, pop-star, businessman and politician, to miss your client is just impossible!

Advertising Prices

The world statistic asserts that advertising at the sites that publish recipes from the economic efficiency point of view is nearly equal the similar advertising at the TV. Do you doubt? Then you have a great posibility to become convinced of this. On our part, we are ready to offer you advantageous conditions of advertising.

For make an order for advertising placement, discussing out-of-order propositions, discounts and to getting an information call +380 (50) 984-38-84. E-mail: .

Advantages of advertising on our site.

Practically every human like to eat with pleasure. Delight from taste gives us a pleasure the same that as sentual. For one "tasty" it is buns and rolls, for other - meat, for another - seafoods and so on. Amount of tastes is uncountable the same as of their admirers. Exactly because of it site Cookorama.Net became the meeting place for countless numbers of people from different countries.

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Psychologists say that when the visitor on the favorite culinary site he is relaxed and in a good mood when the all information take in as positive. Your advertised commercial product many people will apprehend as a solution for their problems or even as a dream come true. Your advertising, any your words and images will be maximally understandable and tempting.

Culinary portal Cookorama.Net gives not only tasty, affordable and original recipes with photos but also the possibility for conversations between visitors. Besides our visitors are exchanging advices, experiences, opinions and impressions about everything new and interesting on tens forums and social nets. It means that your advertising will spread into tens of Ukrainian and Russian cities.

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After making primitive calculating you will see that advertising on the Cookorama.Net gives a possibility for solution of many problems and at the same time do not wasting your money on a large-scale PR-company. Do not squander your gifts, seize a chance to get a maximum effect from modest contributions to the hight-quality target advertising.

Advertising on the site Cookorama.Net will become the next step to the summit of glory of your business!