Pork in a sweet-sour sauce

Pork in a sweet-sour sauce
canned pineapples
bell pepper
ground chili pepper
ground black pepper
wine vinegar
soy sauce

Pork in a sweet-sour sauce

At first prepare the sauce, vegetables and canned pineapple, it is better to buy pineapple «rings ».

I cook in a frying pan, but you can use a thick bottom saucepan. Put some oil in it, add carrot and ginger. Almost immediately onions — vegetables should not be fried, they should stew. Adjusts the amount of liquid with a pineapple juice, sometimes adding some water. Next is the green pepper and last of all — pineapples. During the process straighten sauce on salinity and poignancy, adding sliced hot peppers and freshly ground black pepper. The sauce should be sour, with this helps the grape or apple cider vinegar. And 1-2 teaspoons of sugar. Soy sauce or Tabasco — as you wish, I did not add.
And always try on taste. The last operation — thickening the sauce with starch. I took 1 teaspoon of starch for a half of the glass of cold water. But you can do it thicker or more liquid, as you wish. And the ratio of liquid and solid portions of sauce may be adjusted according to taste. I love the thicker, that had a lot of vegetables!

When the sauce is ready it can be put aside, let him wait. It is possible to cook in parallel, but it is very messy, it is better to make everything measured, because it will have impact on the result.

For pork cook batter. Knead the dough from flour, starch, egg and water. Don`t forget about salt! When everything is mixed – pit it at least for an hour in the fridge.

I diced the pork (the flesh from the thick edge, fillet and tenderloin) in pieces of 1,5-2 сm and dipped in batter. I made the dough a little thicker than for pancakes. Like «soviet» liquid sour cream. And gently spread in hot oil. Above the oil should appear light smoke. Meat in the pan should feel free,so we have to fry in several stages. As soon as I laid the meat, with spatula separated from each other stuck together pieces. And carefully turn them over. In fact, the procedure is not long, on frying a portion goes 5-6 minutes.

Spread the ready meat on a paper towel. Oh, I almost forgot — before frying meat I have put rice to cook. Cook so as to obtain glutinous. It is enough to take the usual round grain rice, a little more water (not 1:1.5, but for 1 glass of rice and near 2 glasses of water, for fans of accuracy 1:1,7).

You can serve it! And eat — with chopsticks or fork… even spoon! Pork is good not only with rice, also with noodles. And drink all this magnificence with green tea, sake or vodka.
Pork in a sweet-sour sauce

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Я уверен, что попробовав, вы не разочаруетесь. Успеха!