Chocolate panna cotta

Chocolate panna cotta
2 spoon
instant gelatin
2 tsp.
500 ml
powdered sugar
50 g.
black chocolate
100 g.
chocolate liqueur
3 spoon

Chocolate panna cotta
The recipe is by shaltaiboltai forum Cook. Very gentle and light dessert.

Soak gelatin in 2 tbsp of water, let it swell, instant swells rapidly, ordinary — longer.

Chocolate panna cotta

Break chocolate into pieces.
In a saucepan mix cream, vanillin and sugar powder, heat to make cream hot, add chocolate, heat it, stirring till chocolate totally melts and mass becomes smooth, not necessary bring to a boil.
Remove from heat, add liqueur.
Heat gelatin on water bath, but do not boil!
Pour gelatin in chocolate mass, mix it, pour mixture in bowls or molds (if you pour in molds, grease them with some oil or more comfortable to use silicone ones, rinse them with water).

Chocolate panna cotta

After mass cools, remove it in the fridge, better for a night, mine hardened quite long.
Next move knife by the edge of mold, and overturn it on the plate, decorate with grated chocolate or prepare raspberry sauce.
Bon Appetite!

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