Coffee with cinnamon and burnt sugar

Coffee with cinnamon and burnt sugar
ground coffee

Coffee with cinnamon and burnt sugar

My favorite recipe. But first, a little background.

What the coffee is, so is the man

In other words, about man and his character could tell by tasting coffee that he drinks. Earlier I was lost for a society person as drank some strange stuff. The recipe of strange stuff is: take an electric kettle (anathema! anathema!), pour 1/3 of water (to boil faster), bring to boil (to speed up you can put it in addition to gas or electric stove, as did my friends in hostel). Put in the cup 1 tbsp of ground coffee with newname-newfirm-newtaste and 1 tbsp of sugar. Mix it. Pout this with boiling water. And in 3 min drink that stuff, burning tongue and lips. Do not wash cup, because you are in a hurry for study or work.

On the third course friends presented me coffee pot for birthday. Ordinary such a beautiful copper coffee pot. I was so glad. Since then I was kinda re-born. Experimenting couple of ten times, by burning copper, honey, sugar, coffee and other coarse grinding coffee, I finally got my perfect taste of perfect coffee.


Put in coffee pot 2 tsp of sugar and burn it on low heat, till it starts to smell like candies.

Add to sugar boiled water, for about 1/3 of coffee pot. When water boils, I add a spoonful of ground coffee (Robusta, Arabica — does not matter,main thing is to take fresh grinding and not too small).

Coffee in boiling water behaves like a rabbit in a hat — tries to jump. So once adding each spoonful of coffee dismiss coffee pot aside for a few seconds and continue to cook. Coffee noises, and «rises», I stir it and dismiss. I do so until coffee stops «run out ».

Then add more boiled water (fill almost all the coffee pot). Repeat the process. The result is such fluffy dark foam. I cook coffee until foam disappears by itself (I do not remove it). Add pinch of cinnamon, boil for 3 min, put aside, cover with lid and wrap in towel, to cool it more slowly. In 15 min you can drink coffee.

By that time my coffee boils well and because of cinnamon has soft, velvet taste. Sometimes I boil it without sugar. Then, in the cup, I put at first vanillin (1-2 g), then pour coffee, and add ice cream.

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