Candied fruits

Candied fruits
zest of citrus fruits
8 spoon

Candied fruits

Very simple in preparation: cut into pieces peel of citrus fruits, soak in water (for a day), but I prepared «quick variant» – I soaked for 4 h, curing this time I changed water three times. Then make a syrup based on 4 tb. spoons of water — 8 tb. spoons of sugar. When it starts to boil, throw peel in it and cook until syrup completely absorbes in it. Then spread on baking sheet, covered with greased baking paper and put in badly preheated oven for half an hour. (I opened the door of oven!)
Turn off the gas, let it dry there and go into the garden for a child. Ride on a sled for an hour and at home drink tea with great pleasure all together))

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