Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and mint sauce

Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and mint sauce
1 bunch
red onion
1 шт.
90 g.
90 g.
60 g.
ground black pepper

Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and mint sauce

For me English cuisine — first of all roast beef, roast beef is closely connected with Yorkshire pudding. And if you call a more «English» sauce to the meat than mint — I will be grateful.

I cooked roast from flesh, but we can take the appropriate piece (fillet, thick edge) from other parts of the carcass. I would even said that a piece with bone is more preferable. If you wish you can marinate meat before roasting it. Roast beef is cooked on a grill, and pre-fry meat in a frying pan… And, of course don`t forget to perform a ritual dance before a piece of beef will be sent in an oven!
Suitable (as for me) piece of beef I skewered and sent in an oven. Option «grill» at 210 C, in 20-25 min the temperature in the oven was reduced to 160 C. Add salt and pepper at the end, during a process pour with a produced juice. Don`t forget to pour some water in a pan for roast beef.

From the puncture appear colorless juice? It`s time to remove it from the fire!

I started to talk about roast beef… and should start with mint sauce!
I can not imagine how the British hit upon wooster – sauce have more than 20 conponents… Norman influence is clearly seen! But for mint sauce you only need bunch of mint, red onion, sugar and vinegar.

Tear the mint leaves and put them in a mortar. Also put there sugar and start working with pestle. It turns out sharply smelling mint mass of dark green, marsh color. The main thing that it might be smooth! Add to this mass vinegar (white, red, wine, rice). I think only balsamic vinegar should not be used in this sauce. A usual white obtained by chemical synthesis vinegar I have not been using for a long time.

Add to rubbed mint with sugar and vinegar, sliced onions, and sauce is ready. It remains to wait a few hours to get a good sauce.

But cooking Yorkshire pudding requires accuracy. Well, if you do not want to get something vague and indistinct or do not wish to empirically correct mistakes.
Proportions for 1 egg (is enough for 2-3 portions) — 90 g of flour and milk, 60 g of water. Pinch of salt and black pepper, one tablespoon of fat for greasing the form. I have 20 cm form in diameter.

Necessarily sift the flour. From a greater height you sow the flour, the more you have to clean the kitchen and the lusher get your pudding. Add eggs into flour. I`ve already told that I have 20 сm form, 1.3 l – is exactly for 1 egg.

Mixer began to spray all around that I quickly replaced it with a blender. At first mix egg with flour, then add milk and water. Or at first water, then milk? The main thing is not to worry that the mass will be quite liquid.

There won`t be photos of the following operations — every second counts. The oven is heated, in the form add fat and put it on the burner cooktop. Grease the form, and when a light smoke appears – pour the dough. And in the oven at 220 C. And for 30 min«forget» about pudding, the less we open the oven, the better it is. I put the pudding in the middle shelf of the furnace. In 30 min without opening the doors turn off the oven and wait for 10 min. You can take it out.
On photos — classic pudding with brown crust and gentle inside! Edges should be raised like that.
«Pudding – this is Alice, Alice – this is Pudding!»

It remains to give everyone piece of roast beef, adding a piece of pudding in a plate and do not forget to serve mint sauce for meat.
Bon Appetite!

Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and mint sauce

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