Ginger syrup

250 g.
250 g.
310 ml
250 g.
250 g.
310 ml

Recipe from the distribution of spices NoMU

Or other quantities in proportion 1:1:1 ¼

Dilute sugar in saucepan (preferably, with thick bottom) with water. Bring to boil, pour ginger and, periodically stirring, preferably with a wooden spoon, boil for 40 min. It should get thick, ginger become soft and almost transparent. That`s all. You can pour ice-cream, glaze meat, or do whatever you want. But to taste – live fire, be careful.
Last time I boiled ginger in syrup from candied watermelons (how could I pour out such an amount of syrup), and it was also good, very interesting smell.

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